Sudden Improvements in Egypt Suggest a Campaign to Undermine Morsi

(New York Times) Ben Hubbard and David Kirkpatrick - Since the military ousted President Mohamed Morsi, life has gotten better for many people across Egypt: Gas lines have disappeared, power cuts have stopped and the police have returned to the street. Morsi's supporters say the sudden turnaround proves that their opponents conspired to make Morsi fail. It is the police returning to the streets that offers the most blatant sign that the institutions once loyal to Mubarak held back while Morsi was in power. Posters have gone up around Cairo showing a police officer surrounded by smiling children. Naguib Sawiris, a billionaire and an outspoken foe of the Brotherhood, said Wednesday that he had publicly predicted that ousting Morsi would bring in billions of dollars in aid from oil-rich monarchies afraid that the Islamist movement might spread to their shores. By Wednesday, a total of $12 billion had flowed in from Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Kuwait.

2013-07-11 00:00:00

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