Book Review: Caliphate Dreams

(FrontPageMagazine) Andrew G. Bostom - In Islamikaze - Manifestations of Islamic Martyrology, Raphael Israeli proposes the creation of an alliance of Western and democratic states (AWADS) that follows six "rules of engagement": 1) Strict control of immigration from Muslim countries; 2) Reciprocal arrangements for controlled immigration, tourism, and educational exchanges to guarantee equivalent, unimpeded bilateral flow, devoid of characteristic Muslim discriminatory regulations towards other races, faiths, or nationalities; 3) Making various forms of assistance contingent upon accountability, progress in human rights, meaningful efforts at population control, renunciation of force/violence in dealing with other nations/communities, and monitoring and controlling incitement to hatred and violence in mosques and media outlets; 4) Terminating all military assistance and weapons sales by AWADS to non-member states; 5) Mosque construction in AWADS nations, particularly projects funded by Saudi Arabia, will be contingent upon reciprocal arrangements to construct religious institutions for other faiths in Muslim nations; 6) The importation into AWADS nations from Muslim countries of books, movies, clerics and missionaries, print media, or audio/video tapes must be reciprocal, contingent upon the unrestricted flow of similar AWADS cultural assets into Muslim countries, and all such assets will be required by law to be devoid of messages that disseminate hate.

2003-12-26 00:00:00

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