The Muslim Brotherhood and Saudi Funding in France

(FrontPageMagazine) Olivier Guitta - The French Muslim community - estimated at between 5 and 8 million people - is totally indoctrinated and controlled by extremist organizations such as UOIF (Union des Organizations Islamiques de France), which is affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood, a notorious Islamist terrorist group founded in Egypt in 1927. These fanatics control most French mosques and get financial support from Saudi Arabia. The most vocal advocate of Wahhabism in France is Tariq Ramadan, a Swiss philosophy teacher and grandson of Hassan Al Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood. Islamists have the clear goal of transforming France into the first Islamist regime of the West. Their master plan is clearly formulated and being implemented every day. And it is no coincidence that the biggest wave of violent anti-Semitism in Europe is occurring in France.

2003-12-24 00:00:00

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