It's The Terrorists, Stupid

(Ha'aretz) Moshe Arens - The idea that negotiations and a readiness by Israel to make extensive concessions will lead the terrorists to cease their murderous activities is absurd and has been proved wrong time and again at great cost. Terrorism, deliberately directed against civilians, with the intention of causing mass casualties, has become a worldwide scourge in recent years. If not controlled, it threatens the very existence of states as we have come to know them in the past century. Defeating terrorism was the goal clearly enunciated by President Bush after the September 11, 2001, attacks on America. Israel, more immediately threatened by terrorism than the U.S., must adopt the same goal. Nothing less will do, there are no substitutes. Would a unilateral withdrawal by the IDF, leaving the terrorists in control of the abandoned areas, strike a blow against terrorism or expose Israelis to additional dangers? The idea that the IDF can be withdrawn and Israelis can settle down to live peacefully behind the security fence, while terrorism reigns on the other side of the fence, is an illusion. Demographic considerations play no part in the battle against terrorism. Demographic considerations are valid and legitimate once the permanent borders of Israel are being negotiated. We're not there yet.

2003-12-12 00:00:00

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