Diplomat Defends Israel's Actions Against Aggressors

(Tri-Town News, NJ) Larry Ramer - Chicago-born Chaim Shacham, who represents Israel at the UN General Assembly, explained that one key to defending Israel is "eliminating the confusion between cause and effect." "Israel's security measures don't cause terrorism, they are a result of terrorism. If we didn't have terrorism, then we wouldn't have to be involved with the Palestinians," he said. "UN reports say that Israel...causes economic hardship. However, most of these reports totally ignore the fact that the reason the Palestinian economy is in a shambles is because the Palestinian leadership has pursued a campaign of terrorism against the Israelis." "Those who attack Israel are criticizing the country for defending itself." "The current stage of the conflict is not the result of the Israeli occupation...it is the result of the Palestinian leadership's unwillingness to compromise. In the Camp David Summit of July 2000, (former Israeli Prime Minister) Ehud Barak made the most forthcoming offer ever made....The reply of the Palestinians was to resort to terrorism and to attempt to gain what they want through violence."

2003-12-12 00:00:00

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