The EU Anti-Semitism Study and Its Implications

(Jerusalem Post) Daniel Pipes - •Focusing on a one-month sample monitoring period (May 15-June 15, 2002), the study "Manifestations of Anti-Semitism in the European Union" hammers home the key role of Muslims in forwarding anti-Semitism: •"From the perpetrators identified or at least identifiable with some certainty, it can be concluded that the anti-Semitic incidents in the monitoring period were all committed either by right-wing extremists or radical Islamists or young Muslims mostly of Arab descent." •"Physical attacks on Jews and the desecration and destruction of synagogues were acts often committed by young Muslim perpetrators." •"Observers point to an 'increasingly blatant anti-Semitic Arab and Muslim media' including audiotapes and sermons, in which the call is not only made to join the struggle against Israel but also against Jews across the world." • "A group of countries was identified with rather severe anti-Semitic incidents. Here, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the UK have to be mentioned. They witnessed numerous physical attacks and insults directed against Jews and vandalism of Jewish institutions (synagogues, shops, cemeteries). In these countries the violent attacks on Jews and/or synagogues were reported to be committed often by members of the Muslim-Arab minority." • Unless Europeans find the strength forthrightly to address this problem - and all indicators suggest that is unlikely - there is reason to expect a general Jewish exodus from Europe, perhaps along the lines of the general Jewish exodus from Muslim countries a half century ago.

2003-12-10 00:00:00

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