Searching for Peace

(TownHall) Tony Blankley - Every peace plan is a minor variant on the same theme. The U.S. "leans" on Israel to give up land, while Israel hopes that the Arabs living on the West Bank and Gaza will say thank you very much, we are now satisfied and will stop killing Jews. Then, with a few minor adjustments of various lines of demarcation, we will have two happy peoples living in "viable" states next to each other, and dropping in for tea on each other like good suburban neighbors. It is pitiful to see grown, well-educated, and presumably worldly experts discussing this fairy tale as if it were remotely plausible in the next several years. Genuine peace will only be possible, if at all, when the jihadist fire has been extinguished in millions of Muslim hearts. Until then, a sturdy, electronic and gun-bristling wall-fence is probably Israeli's best temporary salvation.

2003-12-10 00:00:00

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