Palestinian Suicide Bomber Caught on Way to Blow Up School

(Jerusalem Post/Yediot Ahronot) David Rudge and Margot Dudkevitch - Palestinian Islamic Jihad, whose offices are in Damascus, sent two suicide bombers to attack Israeli schoolchildren at the ORT Alon junior high school in Yokne'am. The two were captured Wednesday by security forces. A security source confirmed that Munir Rabiah, 23, of Gaza City, and Morad Zeitoun, 20, of Zbubeh, near Jenin, are both members of the PA security forces. Security officials found the 10-kg. explosive belt that Rabiah was to have worn in the attack on the school after he was arrested inside a mosque in Bardaleh. Zeitoun had worked on renovations at a site near the school last year and knew the area well. The two told investigators they had chosen the location where they planned to cross into Israel because there is no security fence in the area.

2003-12-04 00:00:00

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