Is Bush Selling Out?

(Wall Street Journal) Claudia Rosett - There is a curious U.S. sellout afoot of our most beleaguered democratic ally, Israel. Israel is told it must forgo even the building of a protective fence, and instead leave the roads open to Arafat's cult of bombs and blood. An "alternative" peace accord in Geneva, representing neither the democratic government of Israel nor any democratic leader of the Palestinians (there is currently no such person) gets not only a hallelujah from such dictator groupies as Jimmy Carter and Kofi Annan, but one from the State Department. In those places where democracy, in the face of terrible threats, and against huge odds, has established itself, such as in Israel's democratic outpost in the Middle East, it is crucial that we yield no ground. To nudge Israel yet again in the direction of the peace-at-any-price crowd is to embrace standards so frail that the result can only be to embolden our enemies and erode the very progress we are at such pains to achieve in Iraq.

2003-12-03 00:00:00

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