French, German Police Target Jihadists

(Reuters) Marine Pennetier and Alexandria Sage - French Interior Minister Manuel Valls said Tuesday that police had arrested three suspected jihadists who were part of a group sending Islamist fighters to Syria. France is concerned that some 100 to 200 French citizens who have left for Syria to fight against Assad could return and plot attacks against French interests. Valls said at least 30 such fighters have returned and suggested the three arrested were part of such a group. French authorities have carried out 21 terrorism-related operations so far in 2013 and arrested 48 people. Seventeen have been jailed. Also on Tuesday, police in Germany raided several flats of suspected Islamists around Stuttgart, Bavaria and Saxony. The federal prosecutors' office said the suspects may have been planning attacks using remote-controlled model airplanes.

2013-06-26 00:00:00

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