Egypt Villagers "Proud" of Killing Shiites

(AFP) Haitham El-Tabei - Residents of the Egyptian village of Abu Mussalem outside Cairo said they were "proud" of the mob lynching of four Shiite Muslims, after weeks of anti-Shiite rhetoric in the media. Witnesses and security officials said that on Sunday hundreds of residents surrounded the house of a Shiite resident after learning that a leading Shiite cleric was inside. The mob threw firebombs at the house, hoping to set it ablaze, while chanting "Shiites are infidels." Then they stormed the house, dragged the four Shiites out and beat them to death. "We're happy about what happened. It should have happened long ago," said teacher Mohamed Ismail, to the approving nods of residents.

2013-06-25 00:00:00

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