Israel's Response to the UN Road Map Resolution

(Prime Minister's Media Adviser/Ministry of Foreign Affairs) - •The Government of Israel accepted the road map along with 14 clarifications that it decided upon, and this is the one and only diplomatic plan that Israel is prepared to carry out. •The peace plan known as "the road map," as accepted by Israel, can be carried out only through negotiations and agreements between Israel and the Palestinians. Judging in relation to the plan's implementation will be in the hands of the United States. Israel will not accept any other intervention in implementing the plan. •The State of Israel is committed to the road map and expects and hopes that the Palestinians will begin to carry out their commitments, including the cessation of terror, dismantling the terrorist organizations, and carrying out a full reform of the Palestinian administration, thus making it possible to reach a settlement that will lead to quiet and peace for both Israel and the Palestinians.

2003-11-20 00:00:00

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