Palestinian Penetration of Europe

(Jerusalem Post) Ovadia Sofer - Anyone systematically following the European press cannot fail to note the deep shock 9/11 caused Europe's establishment. It suddenly realized the danger it faces from a massive and uncontrolled presence of millions of Muslim immigrants. These immigrants are not successfully integrated into European society, and some are a possible source of subversion or recruitment into the ranks of Islamic terror groups. The initial organization of the 9/11 attacks began on European soil, where the organizers found a vast pool of Muslim zealots. At the same time, this very presence of Muslims has forced European decision-makers to lower their voices. They have essentially tried to buy peace by granting vocal support to the Palestinian cause and to various peace programs, even when reality did not justify them. European governments have introduced into European public opinion the notion that only peace with the Palestinians can save the enlightened world from the scourge of terrorism. A vocal Palestinian presence has taken root in the Western European media, and it is this presence that helps explain the EU poll results better than all the other possible explanations. Palestinian penetration of Europe, sometimes using professional propagandists, into universities and campuses has yielded impressive gains. A sizable majority of young people believe there once was an independent Palestinian state on Palestinian land that was conquered by European immigrants and Holocaust survivors - who expelled hundreds of thousands of unfortunate Palestinians.

2003-11-11 00:00:00

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