Perle: Iran "Up to Eyeballs" in Terror

(Reuters) Influential Pentagon adviser Richard Perle said Thursday that Iran was "up to its eyeballs in terrorism" and the U.S. should quietly be encouraging a democratic revolution from within. "Is there any doubt about Iran's support for terrorism, about their payments to Hamas and Hizballah?" Perle said in a speech in Berlin. He later said, "I think we may well see a regime change in Iran brought about by Iranians, but they need some help. They need more broadcasting so that communications are improved. We should be prepared to help them get newspapers published in their own country," Perle said. "I think the potential is there for regime change, but we should encourage it." Perle said it was no surprise now that what he called foreign terrorists were crossing into Iraq to launch attacks against the U.S. and other foreign targets. "Success in Iraq is a threat to every tyrannical regime in the region, and they understand that," he said.

2003-11-07 00:00:00

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