A Saudi School for Scandal

(TIME) - William Boston The King Fahd Academy is a Saudi-run school established in 1995, when Bonn was still the seat of the German government, to educate the children of Arab diplomats. Over the past two years, some 200 Arab families have moved to Bonn from around Germany to send their children to the school. Classes are taught in Arabic and, as in Saudi schools, the curriculum is based on Wahhabism, a rigorous brand of Islam that accepts the Koran as literal truth. Concerns about the academy peaked in early October when Panorama, a popular television program, aired a video purporting to show the school's imam and teacher, Anas Bayram, telling parents how to train their children in spear throwing, swimming, and horseback riding in order to prepare for jihad. Investigators say that some of the people who frequent the mosque at the academy have had direct or indirect contact with al-Qaeda.

2003-11-07 00:00:00

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