Defeat Terrorism

(Jerusalem Post) - Uri Elitzur The "vision of a Palestinian state" is something we have already tried. In the 10 years since Oslo, particularly the last three, we have seen what the Palestinians intend to do with the tools of independence and statehood, if they are given them. They already had a state-in-the-making, and they used it to build a huge terrorist base and a society mobilized and incited to hate Israel. If the PA has been a swamp of terrorism, corruption, and incitement, then the Palestinian state will be a whole lake, totally mobilized towards war over the next phase of "liberating Palestine." No political plan has any hope unless it is preceded by a decisive defeat of terrorism, not just militarily but conceptually. No peaceful solution has any chance unless every child in Gaza knows that terrorism has been militarily defeated, and caused the Palestinian people only harm, and that every person and every organization that engaged in terrorism has disappeared from the political map. The idea that a political solution can appear instead of defeating terrorism is the illusion that keeps the political horizon infinitely distant. The road cannot be shortened. A political solution will come only after terror is defeated. The writer is a former chief of the Prime Minister's Office.

2003-10-31 00:00:00

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