Iran Promises to Aid Syria Against Possible U.S. Sanctions; al-Qaeda Infiltrating Iraq Through Iran

(Oil & Gas Journal) - Iran will assist Syria against the impact of any proposed U.S. sanctions, said Mohsen Mirdamadi, who heads Iran's parliamentary National Security and Foreign Policy Commission. On Saturday, Kuwait's Al-Ra'y al-Amm newspaper reported that U.S. forces are now talking of a large mobilization of al-Qaeda forces in Iraq and that hundreds of al-Qaeda fighters are now working alongside members of the former Iraqi regime to undermine the U.S.-led coalition's authority. Sources in the Coalition Provisional Authority said the number of al-Qaeda combatants and Arab recruits in Iraq substantially increased in mid-August. Large numbers of al-Qaeda combatants from Saudi Arabia used Iranian territory as their route into Iraq. Other groups of combatants come through Iran from Pakistan's Baluchistan region and Afghanistan's Herat province.

2003-10-29 00:00:00

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