Footprints of a Saudi-Pakistani Nuclear Deal

(UPI) Anwar Iqbal - The State Department, which is now saying it is unlikely that Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have a nuclear pact, carried a study on its official web site last year saying the kingdom had discussed a nuclear deal with its Muslim ally. UPI's Arnaud de Borchgrave, who broke the story from Islamabad last week, said Friday, "I knew that denials would rain down from both countries. They were hardly in a position to confirm a secret understanding 48 hours after it had taken place. Besides, denials from both countries about many major events that subsequently turned out to be correct news reports are fairly routine. The late President Zia ul-Haq denied repeatedly during his 11 years in power that Pakistan was involved in a nuclear weapons program. Saudi officials have also denied time and again that they were funding Pakistan's madrassas (Koranic schools) to the tune of several billion dollars since 1989 where several million young Pakistani boys have been taught only the Koran by heart - and to hate America, Israel, and India. Despite all the adverse publicity, the Saudi clergy is still funding them today."

2003-10-27 00:00:00

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