Al-Amoudi and Those Bags of Libyan Cash

(Insight Magazine) J. Michael Waller - Abdurahman al-Amoudi, who ran, directed, founded, or funded at least 15 Muslim political-action and charitable groups that have taken over the public voice of Islamic Americans, is in an Alexandria, Va., jail on federal charges relating to aiding and abetting terrorism, illegally funding U.S. pressure groups with laundered money from Libya and Saudi Arabia, and financing terrorists in Syria and inside the U.S. The evidence suggests that al-Amoudi is the hub of a hard-core, terrorist-support infrastructure. On Aug. 16, British authorities at London's Heathrow Airport discovered al-Amoudi with $340,000 in sequentially numbered $100 bills as he attempted to fly to Syria. Al-Amoudi admitted he had received the money from the Libyan government. According to Special Agent Brett Gentrup of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) unit of the Department of Homeland Security, "al-Amoudi told officers that he intended eventually to deposit the money in banks located in Saudi Arabia, from where he would feed it back in smaller sums into accounts in the U.S." "He [al-Amoudi] funded terrorists, he laundered money for terrorists, he openly advocated for terrorists," said a federal counterterrorism official. "He built political front organizations for terrorists. He gave generous amounts of money to politicians of both parties. He worked in the Clinton White House and the Bush White House. He acted as an agent of influence for terrorists in the U.S. to undermine the nation's security and counterterrorism laws. Al-Amoudi is a big catch, and he has led us on a trail that will certainly lead to more arrests."

2003-10-22 00:00:00

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