Palestinian Poll: 75% Support Suicide Attack at Haifa Restaurant

(Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research) - Highlights of a public opinion poll of 1,318 adults conducted in the West Bank and Gaza on October 7-14, 2003: Only 33% believe Abu Ala and his government will be able to control the security situation and enforce a ceasefire. 82% believe there is corruption in the PA and 71% believe that corruption will increase or remain the same in the future. 75% support the suicide attack at Maxim Restaurant in Haifa leading to the death of 21 Israelis. 68% believe the roadmap is dead, while 28% believe that it can still be implemented. 59% believe that current armed confrontations have helped the Palestinians achieve national rights in ways that negotiations could not, down from 65% last June.

2003-10-17 00:00:00

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