Saddam We Love You!

(National Review) Michael Fumento - There is simply nobody in all Fallujah who does not want all the Americans roasted slowly on a spit, according to the Financial Times Deutschland. "Mothers explain to their children that the Americans are monsters," we're told. The reporter picked Fallujah precisely because it was a Saddam power base, one of the few cities where he spent the money he stole from the rest of the nation. "Here," we're told, "almost everyone awaits Saddam's return." There's no mention of polls showing the great majority of Iraqis are glad Saddam has fled or hidden. Faced with such Goebbels-like propaganda, it's easy to see why Germans and other Europeans, similarly brainwashed, want nothing to do with our efforts to keep the Iraqi people free.

2003-10-10 00:00:00

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