Israel Attacks Terrorist Camp in Syria

(New York Times) - Israel launched a surprise airstrike deep in Syrian territory on Sunday, the first Israeli attack inside Syria in 30 years, bombing what it called a Palestinian terrorist training camp to retaliate for a suicide bombing in northern Israel. Israel said the Ain Saheb camp, about 10 miles northwest of Damascus, had served as a training ground for several Palestinian factions, including Islamic Jihad and Hamas. A senior Israeli security official said Islamic Jihad leaders in Syria played a detailed role in orchestrating Saturday's bombing, and that their involvement contributed to Israel's decision to strike at the target in Syria. The Israeli military released video footage of the camp broadcast on Iranian television several months ago, showing a man in a military uniform giving a tour of a base with underground rooms and tunnels heavily stocked with weaponry.

2003-10-07 00:00:00

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