U.S. Says 220 Foreign Fighters from Syria and Saudi Arabia Captured - No Nationwide Resistance Directed by Saddam

(Washington Post) - The commander of U.S. ground forces in Iraq, Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, said Thursday that resistance to U.S.-led occupation forces has grown more deadly and that the casualty rate would continue for as long as American troops are there. Sanchez said an influx of guerrillas from Syria and Iran had changed the nature of resistance. U.S. military officials have previously said that about 220 foreign fighters from Syria and Saudi Arabia are in custody. "We believe there is, in fact, a foreign fighter element. There is a terrorist element focused on the coalition and international community in general and the Iraqi people to try to disrupt the progress being made," he said. He said there were no indications that former president Saddam Hussein or officials from his government were organizing a national resistance.

2003-10-03 00:00:00

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