IDF Reports Sharp Rise in Terror Incidents

(Ha'aretz) Amos Harel - The IDF is concerned by the sharp rise in terror-related incidents in the Gaza Strip over the past few days, and by indications that activists from Islamic organizations in the West Bank have resumed planning attacks for the near future. The number of terror incidents in the Gaza Strip has increased by 6-7 per day from one or two last week. They included sniper fire on IDF positions in Gush Katif and firing anti-tank rockets on IDF positions and vehicles in southern Gush Katif and the Rafah area. Islamic Jihad made three attempts over the weekend to fire Al Quds rockets (the Jihad's equivalent of the Hamas Kassam) from the northern Gaza Strip toward Sderot. Some of the rockets exploded on takeoff and others fell inside Palestinian territory.

2003-08-18 00:00:00

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