Amidror: Palestinians Improving Weapons Capabilities

(Jerusalem Post) Caroline B. Glick - According to Maj.-Gen. (res.) Ya'acov Amidror, is former head of the IDF's National Defense College, and former head of the IDF's research and assessment division: "By accepting the hudna, the government has enabled...the Palestinians to acquire and develop new and more sophisticated weapons systems. Before the hudna and the IDF's curtailment of counter-terrorist operations, we would destroy the weapons smuggling tunnels and the weapons workshops. Today, we are not doing this, and of course the PA under Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas is doing nothing against these activities." "Second, they are rebuilding their terrorist cadres. Because of the limitations we have placed on our operations...we have no ability to thwart their mobilization. The recruitment and training of new cadres is taking place intensively everywhere that the IDF is not deployed." "Third, both Islamic Jihad and Hamas are using the respite from IDF operations to revamp and strengthen their political leadership and influence over the PA areas and Palestinian society." "In accepting the hudna, Israel has not only taken away its ability to act against the terrorist infrastructure, it has transferred the initiative of when the fighting will restart to the Palestinian terror organizations. And all the new weaponry they will be able to field will be a direct consequence of the hudna." "Consider the fact that in the Palestinian uprising in 1987-1993, the most deadly weapon Israel deployed against the Palestinians was a jeep. We never used tanks or aircraft to fight them. Our resort to those weapons in the current war is simply an indication of how much deadlier their abilities have become over the last decade." "Since the PA's establishment, they have worked steadily to build a deterrent against Israel to force Israel to erase any red lines it has in negotiations. In this they are following the exact strategy used by Hizballah to such great effect in Lebanon. They believe that through terror they will be able to get Israel to leave without an agreement."

2003-08-13 00:00:00

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