Combating Political Islam

(Ynet News) Raheel Raza - Political Islam, or "Islamism" as we call this phenomenon in the West, is an armed political ideology similar to Bolshevism and Maoism. Islamism is Islamic-flavored totalitarianism, based upon the intolerance of others, including Muslims, and the glorification of violence as martyrdom. Historically, this aberrant thinking has only been espoused by marginal groups and kept in check for centuries. However, in 1926, a marginal sectarian movement inside Arabia, the Wahhabis, allied with the Saudi tribe, captured power, and established the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which now serves as the bastion of Islamism. Political Islam is on the rise in the UK and Europe, where some cities have installed "Sharia zones." There are entire areas of Norway where non-Muslims are not safe. The weeding out of Islamism and the Islamist threat lodged inside the West is the first step in defeating the global jihadi warfare of Islamists. The writer is president of the Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow.

2013-06-07 00:00:00

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