Saudi Arabia's Naked Emperor

(Jerusalem Post) Uri Dan - This week the Saudi royal house's talented and elegant Washington spokesman appeared on every American TV network in a futile attempt to refute the accusations and suspicions leveled at his employers. Being challenged, for the first time, by the American administration constituted a public slap in the face for the Saudi royal house with all its oil. This administration could not permit itself to give the Saudis preferential treatment, turning a blind eye as previous administrations did, while Americans are being murdered and the U.S. has declared total war on terror. The current Republican incumbent has a detailed contingency plan for how to act in Saudi Arabia if its corrupt, unstable royal house falls. Even in such circumstances, then, it would continue pumping oil from there. A new man has come to the global village. His name is George W. Bush, and he has laid down totally new rules of the game. So it's worth paying attention to what Prime Minister Ariel Sharon told his closest aides when he returned from his talks in the White House: "I achieved far-reaching strategic understandings with the American president."

2003-08-08 00:00:00

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