Future Palestinian State will be Neither Demilitarized Nor Peaceful

(Jerusalem Post) Yosef Goell - One issue that can't be put on hold is quashing Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and other Palestinian terrorist formations. To do so is to gut the very foundation block of the Bush road map, which is supposed to lead to the creation of a peace-loving Palestinian state alongside Israel. If Israel and the U.S. do not now insist on at least a convincing start on Palestinian implementation of that cornerstone which calls for dismantling the terrorist organizations, rounding up their arms, and preventing them from smuggling in more, there is no basis for continuing with the road map at all. A pre-state PA that refuses to carry out its solemn commitment to disarm at agreed-upon levels is a guarantee that any future Palestinian state will never be truly demilitarized or peaceful.

2003-08-07 00:00:00

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