Saudis Channel $12-14 Million to Hamas

(Jerusalem Post) - Saudi Arabia continues to channel $12-14 million to Hamas annually, a senior security official said Tuesday. He said the funds are transferred through bank accounts, making it difficult to detect. The money is spent on purchasing weapons, military training courses, improving the manufacture of bombs, training new "engineers," and strengthening contacts between the different cells, the official said. The Palestinian security forces are doing nothing to combat terrorism, and release whoever they arrest, the official said. The security forces remain divided and this affects their capability, as some remain loyal to Arafat, some to Abbas, and others to Dahlan. "This is in direct violation of the understandings reached within the framework of the road map, as it clearly states that all the Palestinian security forces must be united and work as one," the official said.

2003-07-30 00:00:00

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