Impact of the "Wahhabi Lobby"

(Insight Magazine) - J. Michael Waller While FBI agents are wrapping up terrorist-support networks coast to coast that include radicalized American Muslims bent on unleashing a murderous jihad against their own country, a senior FBI official appeared June 26 before a Senate Homeland Security panel and avoided testifying about what senators had called him to discuss: sponsorship of pro-terrorist ideology, extremist political action, and terrorist recruitment financed from Saudi Arabia, supposedly a U.S. ally. Senior administration officials say FBI Director Robert Mueller was under orders from an unnamed senior White House campaign strategist to appease Muslim and Arab-American groups that have been complaining noisily that federal counterterrorism efforts are impinging on their civil rights. Wahhabi-run indoctrination operations have been occurring under the FBI's very nose, pressuring traditional Muslim teachings out of the U.S. prison system and military chaplaincy, and radicalizing both convicts and servicemen.

2003-07-23 00:00:00

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