Israel Proposes Parameters for PA Security Progress

(Ha'aretz) - Amos Harel There are 50,000 illegal weaponsin the hands of Palestinians in the territories,according to an IDF document given to John Wolf,the chief American monitor of the road map implementation. The document proposes a series ofparameters by which to measurePalestinian fulfillmentof security agreementsreached with Israel. There are 24 bombmanufacturing plants which the Palestinian Authority must dismantle,and 20 weapons smuggling enterprises, includingthose for digging tunnels under theIsrael-Egypt border opposite Rafah. Senior officers say the most importantfirst step required of the PA is dismantlingthe "heavy" arms - Qassam rockets, mortars, and landmines. A senior army source said lifting travelrestrictions inside Gaza had resulted in terrororganizations training their members in rocket-firing, bomb-making, and infantry combat, withwanted men making their way throughout the GazaStrip.

2003-07-16 00:00:00

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