Israeli Jeep "Captured" in Syria Came from Hizbullah Museum

(Der Spiegel-Germany) Julia Amalia Heyer and Christoph Reuter - There was an absurd moment in the battle for the Syrian city of Qusayr when an old Israeli military jeep was paraded before Syrian state television cameras. According to the state news agency SANA, the jeep, which the army had supposedly captured in Qusayr, was clear proof of Israeli involvement in the Syrian civil war. As it turned out, the jeep was from a Hizbullah museum. It had been used to transport prisoners in the Khiam military prison in southern Lebanon until the Israeli army withdrew from the area in May 2000. Hizbullah set up a memorial at the prison, where the jeep was displayed before being brought to Qusayr. The propagandistic act of desperation with the museum jeep shows how uncomfortable Hizbullah is over its image after its intervention in Syria.

2013-05-29 00:00:00

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