Young Hizbullah Critic Banished from Village

(Now Lebanon) Alex Rowell - Marwa Olleik, 20, a journalism student from the south Lebanese village of Yahmur, south of Nabatieh, was forced to flee her lifelong home on Wednesday due to her support for the Syrian uprising and criticism of Hizbullah's intervention against it. "For months I've been writing messages... supporting the revolution, on Facebook," she said. "People would tell me I was shaming the honor of the village, and of the Shiites, and they would use terrible insults against me." "When Hizbullah went into Qusayr [in Syria], I immediately started posting comments and photos, asking what they were going there for, especially since in Nabatieh every day I would see two or three bodies returning." Her father, an orthodox Hizbullah partisan, began to receive phone calls from local party affiliates urging him to make his daughter publicly retract her comments. Then the front porch of their Yahmur home was set ablaze. "The rabit [local Hizbullah official] came to our house and told my mother I can't go back and I have to immediately publish an apology, although I already had done so. He said that this time they burnt the porch, but next time they'd burn the whole house."

2013-05-28 00:00:00

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