Black Flag of Islam Over Downing Street

(Jerusalem Post) - Ori Golan "One day the black flag of Islam will be flying over Downing Street," says Anjem Choudray, spokesman for the Al-Muhajiroun, a radical Islamic movement in Britain which seeks to establish Islamic supremacy and calls for a jihad against opponents of Islam. Last year, on September 11, the group celebrated the attacks on the World Trade Center under the banner "A Towering Day in History." Britain operates as a strategic base for some of the most radical Islamic groups which preach hatred, incite to violence, and recruit volunteers for terrorist activities. Last January, British military intelligence in Afghanistan discovered a list of 1,192 names of British citizens, all Muslims, who trained there with al Qaeda. Terrorists have attended mosques in Britain where young, impressionable Muslims are exhorted to take up arms against Jews, Hindus, and other "infidels." If the extremists are allowed to continue preaching their hatred, the next suicide bomb attack could well be in Britain.

2003-06-27 00:00:00

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