Repudiate Arafat

(New York Times) - Editorial On Sunday, three Palestinian terror groups carried out a joint attack at an entrance to the Gaza Strip, killing four Israeli soldiers. Two of the groups, Hamas and Islamic Jihad, are militantly Islamic. The third, Al Aksa Martyrs Brigades, is associated with Fatah, the nationalist movement of Yasser Arafat. The events underline the need to repudiate Arafat, something Arab and some European governments fail to do by continuing to meet with him. It is also time to recalculate the divide within Palestinian society, distinguishing between those that favor a negotiated two-state solution and those that pursue violence and terror. Arafat and Fatah radicals have become dangerous obstacles and must be seen as every bit as hostile as Hamas, which rejects Israel's existence.

2003-06-10 00:00:00

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