Seeds of Hate in Saudi Arabia

(Washington Post) - David A. Harris Diminishing the U.S. military presence in Saudi Arabia will not end the deep-seated hatred of Americans that is embedded in the kingdom. In a country where 53% of the population is younger than 20, the first question Americans should ask is: What are Saudis learning and how does it affect their worldview? A study, co-sponsored by the American Jewish Committee, of the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Education books used in grades 1 through 10 reveals that Saudi children are taught intolerance and contempt for the West, Christians, and Jews in subjects ranging from literature to math. As long as Saudi youth are essentially brainwashed to hate others, truly amicable relations between Saudis and the West will be hard to maintain. Moreover, Saudi schoolbooks and curriculums are actively exported to other Arab and Muslim countries, where Saudi largess funds many schools. Indeed, many Muslim schools in the U.S. have been built and staffed with Saudi money, opening the door to the spreading of Saudi-sponsored hate on American soil. Probing which of the books published in Saudi Arabia might also be used in the U.S. is vital.

2003-06-09 00:00:00

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