Israel: A Cease-Fire is Not Enough

(UPI) Joshua Brilliant - "The Palestinians must take concrete action to eradicate terrorism," Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom told foreign ambassadors Friday. "A cease-fire is not enough. Israel wants a permanent cessation of terrorism, not a cease-fire." Shalom said a cease-fire with militant groups would place Israel in a precarious position. "We don't want to be hostages of the Hamas, or the Islamic Jihad," he said. "When they will decide to put an end to the cease-fire, they will renew attacks against Israeli civilians. We can't accept it." See also Israel Seeks Formal "Jewish" State Label - Joshua Brilliant Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom said that at this week's Middle East summit meetings, Israel was seeking a "clear statement by Bush of the need to preserve Israel as a Jewish state," as well as "an Arab undertaking to recognize Israel as a Jewish state." (UPI/Washington Times)

2003-06-02 00:00:00

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