Core Principles for a Free Iraq

(Wall Street Journal) - Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld Because of the speed of the execution of the U.S. war plan, the Iraqi regime did not attack its neighbors with Scud missiles; the vast majority of Iraq's oil fields were not destroyed; the infrastructure of the country is largely intact; and there is no large mass of refugees. if Iraq is able to move to the path of representative democracy, the impact in the region and the world could be dramatic. Iraq could conceivably become a model - proof that a moderate Muslim state can succeed in the battle against extremism taking place in the Muslim world today. President Bush has outlined some broad principles that are critical if Iraq's transition from tyranny is to succeed: that Iraq be a single country, which does not support terrorists, threaten its neighbors or the world with weapons of mass destruction, or threaten its diverse population with terror and repression; that it have a government that respects and protects minorities, provides opportunities for its people through a market economy, and justice through an independent judiciary and rule of law. The Coalition will work with forward-looking Iraqis to eliminate the remnants of Saddam's regime. Those who committed war crimes or crimes against humanity will be tracked down and brought to justice.

2003-05-28 00:00:00

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