The Road Taken

(New York Sun) - Editorial Both America and Israel face significant risks with the diplomacy that has picked up steam following the successful prosecution of the war in Iraq. The big risk America faces goes to its credibility. Mr. Bush has vowed that he will not treat with a Palestinian state that is not democratic and with a Palestinian leader who is tainted with terrorism. Yet resumption of a peace process will confront America with a constant temptation to look the other way at such provocations as Hamas' recent reply. The terrorist group said it would agree to cease attacks against Israeli civilians within the 1967 borders while maintaining freedom of operation against Jewish settlers and soldiers - and this only on the condition that Israel cease targeting Palestinian terrorists. Mr. Bush and his team will face a constant temptation to seek progress on the peace front at the expense of "small details" like this one. Mr. Bush has stepped out onto a terribly slippery slope.

2003-05-27 00:00:00

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