Roadmap to Nowhere

(Washington Times) Paul Greenberg - The territory that's supposed to become a peaceful Palestine in this dream scheme is in reality crawling with bomb-throwers, jihadists, irregulars and the whole, varied assortment of cutthroats tactfully known as "militants." The biggest roadblock on the way to a Palestinian state isn't Israel, and never has been. It's the Palestinians' own repeated, historic refusal to accept such a state, which would mean accepting a compromise. Unless this new Palestinian government is able to root out all these disturbers of the peace, not just tone them down for a while, there won't be a new Palestinian state. The Israelis aren't about to shrink back and let the terrorists wage unilateral war against them, not again. If Mahmoud Abbas fails, or was never really serious about confronting the killers in his ranks, then all this talk about a road map to peace will prove only talk.

2003-05-23 00:00:00

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