Israel Weighs Anti-Terror Options

(Ha'aretz) In the wake of the recent wave of terror bombings, Israel Radio, quoting senior Israeli officials, on Tuesday listed some of the options remaining to security forces: * Assassinating Yasser Arafat or expelling him from the territories, along with some of the PA leaders that accompanied him from exile in Tunis when he assumed control of the PA in 1994. * "Serious harm" to the Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip, targeting the political wing (Sheikh Yassin, Rantisi and others) with assassination or expulsion. * A massive, prolonged IDF incursion into the Gaza Strip, on the model of the 2002 Operation Defensive Shield in the West Bank. Army Radio said Tuesday that, as an alternative to Arafat's outright expulsion, Foreign Ministry officials were weighing a plan to ask European countries to accept the PA leader "under their patronage."

2003-05-20 00:00:00

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