U.S. Expects More Strikes by Al Qaeda

(Washington Post) The al Qaeda terrorist network, its leadership severely weakened by 19 months of counterterrorism operations, is seeking to prove that it is still viable by launching more attacks on U.S. interests abroad to capitalize on Monday's strikes in Saudi Arabia, intelligence and terrorism officials said yesterday. Some plans being detected by U.S. and foreign intelligence agencies appear to have been in the works for months, if not longer, but are being brought to fruition quickly, they said. "They would like to do them all at the same time and have the whole world go up," one U.S. terrorism official said. "This is a very bad patch." U.S. counterterrorism experts are especially worried about the possibility of attacks against Americans and U.S. interests in Kenya and other parts of East Africa.

2003-05-16 00:00:00

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