White House: Assad Regime Behind Chemical Weapons Use

(AP-TIME) Jim Kuhnhenn - The White House asserted Monday that it's highly likely that Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime, not the rebel opposition, was behind any chemical weapons use in Syria. White House spokesman Jay Carney says there is certainly evidence that chemical weapons have been used in Syria. He added, "We are highly skeptical of suggestions that the opposition could have or did use chemical weapons....We find it highly likely that any chemical weapon use that has taken place in Syria was done by the Assad regime." With regard to the airstrikes in Syria, Carney said: "The transfer of sophisticated weapons to terrorist organizations like Hizbullah is certainly a concern and a threat to Israel, and they have the right to act in their own sovereign interest...in response to those concerns." Asked whether the U.S. had been forewarned about the strikes, Carney said: "We are in close coordination as a matter of course with the Israelis, and continue to be."

2013-05-07 00:00:00

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