Coalition Forces and Israel Face Similar Terrorist Challenges

(Ha'aretz) - Moshe Arens Coalition forces in Iraq are coming up against the same kind of problems that the IDF has faced in combating Palestinian terrorists. Television coverage of British troops searching for Baath activists in Basra could have been mistaken for pictures of the IDF conducting searches in Tulkarm. Now, they are also having to deal with suicide bombers and car bombs. Those who are hoping that after Iraq, Israel will come under pressure from the administration in Washington to make concessions to Arafat, may be in for a disappointment. The experience in Iraq is likely to bring about a better understanding, and maybe even sympathy, for Israel engaged in a battle against Palestinian terror, as well as the recognition that no progress can be made toward a reconciliation with the Palestinians until this terrorism has been subdued.

2003-04-01 00:00:00

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