Behind the Rocket Attacks from Sinai

(Ynet News) Ron Ben-Yishai - This week rockets were fired from Sinai at Eilat. Terror groups in Gaza prefer to have the Salafist groups launch rockets from Sinai and not directly from Gaza to prevent criticism from Egypt. Egypt is pressuring Hamas to fully abide by the understandings reached with Israel - under Egypt's mediation - following the fighting in November. Hamas complies, since it is highly dependent on Egypt. However, rebellious organizations, mainly Salafist, still fire rockets at Israel. These attacks are followed by Hamas arrests of members of these organizations. This is the reason Salafist and Jihadist leaders in Gaza are increasing their pressure on their members in Sinai to launch attacks on Israel. Egypt's army and security forces are trying to fight the armed terror groups in Sinai, as well as curtail the smuggling of arms to Gaza. So far they have not been very successful. Egypt has managed to more or less maintain the rule of law in the area of Sinai's east coast, where the Bedouin Tarabin tribe wants to make sure that tourism is not hurt, but in central Sinai, Egyptian forces are all but helpless. The rocket attack on Eilat this week apparently emanated from central Sinai. Israel and Egypt may have to reach a secret agreement in order to stop the terror emanating from Sinai.

2013-04-19 00:00:00

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