Peres Sees No U.S. Pressure on Sharon

(Ha'aretz) Aluf Benn - Bush's Wednesday night speech, in which he presented his plans for war in Iraq and the "day after," were well received at the Prime Minister's Office in Jerusalem. Sharon spoke with the president on the telephone a few hours earlier. Bush stuck to the proposal upon which he agreed with Sharon: first the Palestinians will stop terrorism, they will undergo serious reforms and replace Arafat; only then will it be Israel's turn to respond with concessions of its own. Bush reiterated his commitment to the Quartet's plan, but left open the possibility for changes and amendments when he said it still required "work." Shimon Peres, back from a short trip to the U.S., believes the administration will not pressure Sharon. Sharon will visit Washington after the situation in Iraq becomes clear, and he will conclude with Bush a peace plan that he will then begin to implement.

2003-02-28 00:00:00

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