A Costly Charade at the UN

(Washington Post)Charles Krauthammer - America goes courting Guinea, Cameroon, and Angola in search of the nine Security Council votes necessary to pass our new resolution on Iraq. For unfathomable reasons it matters to many, both at home and around the world, that the U.S. should have the permission of Guinea to risk the lives of American soldiers to rid the world - and the long-suffering Iraqi people - of a particularly vicious and dangerous tyrant. As soon as the dust settles in Iraq, we should push for an expansion of the Security Council - with India and Japan as new permanent members. We should be thinking now about building the new alliance structure around the U.S., Britain, Australia, Turkey, such willing and supportive Old Europe countries as Spain and Italy, and the New Europe of deeply pro-American ex-communist states. Add perhaps India and Japan and you have the makings of a new post-9/11 structure involving like-minded states that see the world of the 21st century as we do: threatened above all by the conjunction of terrorism, rogue states, and weapons of mass destruction.

2003-02-28 00:00:00

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