Iraq Has Poison Bombs

(Telegraph-UK) - Philip Sherwell and David Wastell Saddam Hussein's air force has developed a more sophisticated delivery and detonation system for chemical weapons than previously known to UN inspectors, according to a former senior Iraqi air force officer. "Ali" said that he was trained to handle binary-system bombs which mix lethal chemicals moments before detonation for maximum effect. Ali described in detail how the chemical bombs and sprays were fitted and operated, backing up his testimony with drawings and graphics. Said one former senior weapons inspector, "If what he says can be confirmed then this is a very big discovery. It would be proof that Iraq has continued with the development of a new type of weapon." The weapons were intended for the Iraqi air force's more modern jets, but an alternative delivery method was developed for slower planes such as Sukhoi-25s and for helicopters, Ali explained. "Saddam will never surrender these weapons. They are as much a part of his life as eating and drinking," said Ali.

2003-02-24 00:00:00

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