Toxic Talk on War

(Washington Post) - Lawrence F. Kaplan Who is driving this rush to war in Iraq? A decade ago Pat Buchanan alleged that Israel and its "amen corner" were to blame. Now Buchanan has revived the claim, only this time a chorus of voices has emerged to echo it. Georgie Anne Geyer writes how "the fanatic neoconservatives around the administration, the rabid Israel supporters in the White House and the Pentagon," plan to wage war in Iraq and then to "democratize the entire Middle East, including Syria and Saudi Arabia, if necessary by military means, in order to secure Ariel Sharon's Israel." Ian Buruma has managed to locate the reasons for a U.S. war against Iraq in, among other places, "Jewish-American hysteria." Robert Novak has described the U.S conflict with Iraq as "Sharon's war." Former senator Gary Hart has said that we "must not let our role in the world be dictated by Americans who too often find it hard to distinguish their loyalties to their original homelands from their loyalties to America and its national interests."

2003-02-19 00:00:00

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