•FBI Tracks Al Qaeda in U.S

(NBC News) - Lisa Myers The FBI has identified almost a dozen men living in the United States believed to have trained in bin Laden's terrorist camps in Afghanistan. Counterterrorism officials said as many as 1,000 al Qaeda sympathizers were in the U.S., most of them militant Muslims in 30 cities. FBI sources said only 20 to 40 of them were believed to have strong connections to al Qaeda, and about a dozen were believed to be in communication with leaders of the network overseas. Sources say that unusual fervor could be found in radical mosques. An informer told federal authorities that there was excitement within his mosque over the likelihood of another attack and that so-called "true believers" were said to be arriving from Malaysia, Indonesia, and Saudi Arabia. Sources said many in the FBI were concerned about those who may have trained in bin Laden's camps and remained undiscovered.

2003-02-14 00:00:00

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